The Fan-Favorite Survivor Contestant That Has Spent The Most Time On The Show

Not everyone is cut out to make it on CBS's "Survivor" with its difficult locations and alliance-focused gameplay. In fact, the difficulty of the game has caused some contestants to quit the show or simply get voted out early. However, over the course of 46 seasons, there have been a few people who are just in their element while on "Survivor." These contestants often do well and return to the show to compete again in later seasons. However, in the history of "Survivor" there's only been one contestant who has competed in five different seasons: fan-favorite Rob Mariano (also known as Boston Rob).

Mariano's "Survivor" history stretches back a long time and the Boston-native first competed in Season 4 where he finished in second place after Amber Brkich. Mariano and Brkich captured the hearts of viewers when they not only made it to the end, but also fell in love on the reality show. Mariano even proposed to Brkich at the live finale, forever cementing the couple as fan-favorites. However, Mariano was particularly loved for his ability to succeed in challenges, gameplay, and all-around likability. This caused him to return to compete in Season 8 and Season 20. He then won Season 22 and returned again to compete in Season 40. Participating in these five seasons has raised Boston Rob's total time on "Survivor" to 152 days, which is more than any other castaway.

Why Boston Rob may never be on Survivor again

While Rob Mariano currently holds the record for the longest overall time spent on "Survivor," he doesn't have plans to return to the show despite being open to competing on other reality shows like NBC's "Deal or No Deal Island." In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Mariano explained, "It would take some kind of unique format change to make me go back and compete over there," adding, " Something would have to happen, otherwise we're faced with the same situation where they gang up on me and want to get me out."

While "Survivor" is no stranger to undergoing major format changes (like the contestants getting less food than before and no longer needing to boil water), some kind of protective rule for experienced players has not yet been announced. But, luckily, not all hope is lost as Jeff Probst (the show's host and producer) did recently admit that the cast of Season 50 will be made entirely of returning players. So, we are sure to see some familiar faces competing for the one-million-dollar prize soon.