This Is The Absolute Worst US State To Camp In, According To New Data

Many people enjoy camping because, well, who doesn't like spending time cooking S'mores over a crackling, perfectly-built campfire? However, despite enjoying the same hobby, most campers have their own preferences for what type of campgrounds they prefer. While some campers place importance on the incredible views of America's most popular campsites, others enjoy the thrill of being in a secluded and empty area surrounded by nature. On top of this, other factors that can impact whether or not someone has a good experience at a campground include price, safety, and available facilities. If you're a long time camper who's pitched a tent in multiple places across the U.S., then you already know that some states simply have better campgrounds than others. 

Recently, Lawn Love decided to figure out exactly how every state ranks when it comes to camping by crunching the numbers on metrics like access, quality, supplies, safety, and affordability. They then used this data to rank each state from best to worst. While it comes as no shock that outdoorsy states like California and Washington topped the list for the best campgrounds, the state that took last place — North Dakota — may come as a surprise. While it's true that North Dakota usually doesn't make it into most bucket lists, this Midwestern state does have a lot to offer as far as hiking, biking, hunting, and fishing. So, what's with the low ranking?

What put North Dakota in last

According to Lawn Love's data, North Dakota ranked well in campground safety and took first place in positive campsite reviews. However, the state was rated poorly in all the other categories including ease of access, campground supplies, site quality, and price (adjusted for local income). Furthermore, North Dakota was the state with the third-fewest attractions (after Rhode Island and South Dakota). Together, this was enough to rank North Dakota dead-last.

However, just because North Dakota took 50th place doesn't mean that you won't enjoy pitching your tent there. Every state has its own unique draw and the factors looked at in this study may not match up with what you enjoy most in your camping experiences. In fact, when ranking the campsites of each state on different parameters, the sustainable travel website Adventures on the Rock put North Dakota in 10th place. So, if you are one of those people who loves secluded and quiet campgrounds where you can look up and see the stars (and maybe even the Northern Lights), then don't write North Dakota off just yet.