Where Is Alone Season 1 Winner Alan Kay Today?

Alan Kay was the first winner of "Alone," History's hit survival TV show. He was 40 years old at the time and managed to survive for 56 days, beating out everyone else for that season, though the female winner in Season 6 broke the record for one of the longest stays. Even after he won, he wasn't finished with the show. He went on to narrate the next two seasons, before stepping down for Season 4, which a lot of fans had a problem with.

After he was done narrating, he went back to what he knew. Before appearing on "Alone," Alan Kay taught survival classes. He focused on in-person classes, but he also worked with several other survival groups, appearing in their educational videos and interviews to share his knowledge of survival tips and tricks, and his experience during the show that are essential, like how to tell if a stream you see while hiking is safe to drink

For a while, Alan was also popular on social media. He'd talk about his experiences, share opinions on information he came across to do with survival and the outdoors and share new survival products he liked. He was online several times a week and stayed in contact with his fans and people interested in learning to live in the great outdoors.

Alan Kay went off-grid in 2019

Unfortunately, while there was always little personal information about Alan Kay online, he seemed to have gone off-grid in 2019 and never returned to the limelight. As of 2019, all of his social media grew inactive, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Considering that he used to post several times a month on his platforms, it was pretty strange for him to just disappear. However, it's impossible to tell if he did it due to a serious situation, or if he simply decided to connect with nature again.

Alan Kay also used to appear as a guest on several YouTube videos and guides, which stopped about the same time. There was a Spotify podcast that featured him in 2020. A YouTube video featuring self-defense lessons with Alan with The Real Lucas McCoy also appeared in 2023, but it's hard to tell if the video was recent, or re-uploaded at a later date.

While there's no known information, some assumptions can be made. After his time on "Alone" ended, Alan Kay went back to teaching survival skills, now armed with new experiences and information. It's possible he's still doing this, but on a much quieter scale as many people wanted to learn from him after he learned the show.