If You Have A Broken Or Old Hose, You Have A Stunning New Plant Trellis

A broken or old garden hose is one of those things you simply hate to throw out. They are long and heavy which makes them difficult to dispose of. Plus, discarding them really seems like a waste of material. Luckily, Home Talk has a unique DIY project that can repurpose an old or broken garden hose into something that will give new life to your yard. 

A plant trellis is a great investment for gardeners who enjoy growing climbing plants. They are a good solution for guiding and controlling the growth of vines that you don't want growing near your house. Typically, they are crafted from wood, metal, or bamboo, but they come in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate various gardening needs. Naturally, they also come at a variety of price points, and some trellises can be quite costly. However, there is an easy money-saving alternative: crafting your own plant trellis. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to transform your old garden hose into a functional and attractive plant trellis. 

Attach your garden hose to a wooden frame

Aside from your old or broken garden hose, you'll need some basic tools such as wire cutters and zip ties or a heavy duty stapler. You'll also need some sort of wooden upright to serve as the backbone of your trellis. Crafting this upright is simple; you can either fashion it yourself with wooden planks or purchase a wooden frame tailored to your desired dimensions. 

Start by cleaning the hose thoroughly to rid if of any dirt, debris, or residue. Let it dry, and then carefully cut the hose into sections that will cover the length or width of your frame. When cutting, leave a few extra inches to facilitate weaving into your lattice. Once the pieces are ready, affix them to your wooden frame with your stapler or zip ties. You can also opt for nails depending on the hose's durability. Lay the hose pieces across the frame and weave them in an alternating pattern, crisscrossing over and under the perpendicular hose pieces for added stability. This meticulous weaving ensures a sturdy structure, ready to support climbing plants. 

With your trellis assembled, place it in your garden, keeping in mind the types of plants you want to cultivate and their growing needs. As your flora grow and intertwine with the trellis, they will breathe life into your creative endeavor, and make for a beautiful addition to your outdoor space.