The Necklaces On Naked And Afraid Serve A Little-Known Purpose

Survival reality shows often captivate audiences with their raw depiction of human endurance in the face of nature's harshest challenges. Behind the scenes, television and film crews work tirelessly to capture compelling moments, from what Jeff Probst says is the most frightening moment he's experienced on "Survivor" in all the time he's hosted the show to some awfully painful injuries on Discovery's "Deadliest Catch." But how do these crews accomplish such feats? Each reality show is laden with its own set of secrets, carefully curated to create compelling content.

Among these shows, "Naked and Afraid" stands out. Its contestants are thrust into the raw wilderness, equipped with minimal tools and clothing, and given free rein to explore remote natural environments. Despite the vast expanses these contestants traverse, the show manages to capture awe-inspiring moments that resonate with audiences. Amidst struggle for food, shelter, and sanity, there's one seemingly trivial item that is responsible: the necklaces worn by the contestants.

These necklaces, often adorned with a small pendant, might seem like mere accessories. However, they serve a crucial purpose beyond adornment. As contestants grapple with the primal challenges of survival, the necklaces become indispensable companions on their journey.

The necklaces have a hidden function

Beyond aesthetics, the necklaces worn by "Naked and Afraid" contestants house hidden waterproof microphones. In a 2019 interview with past contestant Molly Jansen, The Denver Post revealed that the necklace, which comes as part of a toolkit that the contestants are given by the crew, hides a microphone that is always on — literally. This means that every word and sound uttered by the contestants is transmitted to the production team. This surveillance ensures that every moment of the contestants' experience is captured, adding depth and authenticity to the narrative unfolding on screen.

This surveillance has proven invaluable, not only in terms of the viewing experience but also for contestants in dire situations. The microphone is connected to a wireless transmitter, allowing the TV crew to record and monitor the contestants' activities at all times, which means the crew will be alerted to situations where they need to intervene. Even though it is mandated that the contestants only receive outside help if they are on the brink of death, the constant surveillance provided by the microphones enables the crew to intervene swiftly when necessary.