This Pool Noodle Trick Will Help Keep Your Campsite Safe From The Rain

You've eagerly awaited your big camping weekend, which you've had slotted in your calendar for months. As the date draws near, anticipation fills your thoughts, longing for a sunlit escape from the urban clamor to the quiet respite of nature. As the day approaches, you take a look at the forecast, and your heart sinks a little when you see that showers are slated for your weekend away. Before you start worrying that your tent canopy will be a soggy mess, let us recommend bringing an unexpected savior: a pool noodle.

If you've ever been at a pool or enjoyed a vacation by a body of water, you've undoubtedly come across long, cylindrical tubes that some folks use to help stay afloat — or you may have seen these colorful foam allies used as markers for various swimming lanes. Of course, they're remarkably handy in the water, but they can also help protect you from the rain while in your tent. 

As you meticulously double-check everything you need before your trip (including packing some trusty aluminum foil that will keep your campfire necessities dry and various hiking essentials), definitely consider packing a pool noodle if the forecast calls for showers. Let's break down how to use this seemingly frivolous pool accessory.

Use a pool noodle to reinforce your campsite canopy

A gazebo is a great investment for frequent tent campers. Not only do they come in handy during rainy days, they also provide a shaded retreat from the scorching sun on hot afternoons, creating a comfortably haven for relaxation and socialization. 

While gazebos are handy, they do have their faults. During heavy rains, it isn't uncommon for the top of the gazebo to pool with water. This happens when the weight of excess rainwater creates depressions or sags in the gazebo fabric, allowing water to accumulate on top. With enough water, the gazebo might come down entirely — an incredibly difficult situation to deal with, especially if you are camping alone.

Campers can purchase reinforcements for gazebos, but in the event you don't have these, or your gazebo needs a little extra help, here's where the humble pool noodle can help protect you: Simply bend your pool noodle in half, and secure it between the frame of the gazebo and the fabric. This will reinforce the canopy, by directing the fabric downwards. By attaching multiple pool noodles at different sides and corners, you can ensure that the flow of water is directed down and away from your canopy, preventing pooling and minimizing the risk of collapse. This simple yet ingenious hack ensures a more durable and reliable shelter, even in adverse weather conditions, offering peace of mind to campers venturing into the great outdoors.