The Best Time Of Year To Buy Your Ski Equipment

Skiing is one of those sports that costs more than you think. From paying for accommodation to lift fees and gear rental, going on a ski trip can add up fast. Plus, as you start getting more into the sport, rented gear stops cutting it and you will need to buy your own equipment (which can cost a pretty penny). Luckily, by planning ahead and purchasing your ski gear at the right time of year, you can get good equipment for a better price. The best way to do this is to purchase new ski gear when it all goes on sale at the end of the season.

In the U.S., skiing season is typically from November or December through March or April, however, some ski resorts stay open until mid-summer. This means that the best time to buy new ski equipment is in late spring (typically starting from March). According to one Redditor on the skiing forum of the website, they've had the most luck in April "when the shops need to get rid of the last year's gear to get ready for the upcoming season." However, be sure not to wait too long, otherwise you will not have as many options for sizes and colors.

Best time to buy demo skis

While there is some equipment that you should always buy new (like ski boots), with other gear it doesn't matter as much. Specifically, if you are in the market for skis, you can save a lot of money by purchasing the lightly used demo skis from last season. Demo gear is a collection of new products that outdoor stores keep on hand for customers to try out when they are considering making a purchase. Just like with last season's skiing equipment, stores need to get rid of last year's demo gear to make room for the new line.

The best time to shop for demo ski equipment is in summer when many retailers start selling it directly out of their stores or offload it to online retailers like Powder7. This method of finding affordable ski equipment was also recommended by another commenter on the skiing forum of Reddit who said they were able to buy a pair of skis and straps that would've normally cost over $600 for only $250. So, if you don't mind buying used gear, then purchasing demo gear in summer is a great way to get a quality product for a lower price.